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Make extra money with your webcam sex toy shows! PleasureText allows independent phone sex providers,
cam models and cam studios, to offer interactive sex toy shows that will increase your money flow.
Why offer toy shows with no other purpose than as a "marketing tool"?
PleasureText allows you to make extra income every time a user accesses your PleasureText toy account.

With PleasureText, you're ready to make more money in three easy steps

  1. Plug in the power cord of your PleasureText cube.
    The cube automatically sets itself up to the PleasureText payment system in a matter of minutes.
  2. Place our web widget on your web site
    As easy as copying and pasting a "widget" into your Word Press pages, this is all you need to start making money with PleasureText on your webcam or phone sex site!
  3. Sit back and reap the extra money your new, interactive, sex toy shows generate!

PleasureText works internationally, so you can market your interactive sex toy shows to veiwers worldwide via credit card or PayPal payments. PleasureText is flexible, it can work with any of your webcam linked devices.

Available PleasureText Cube Packs

Why Use PleasureText?

PleasureText allows all webcam operators to offer an interactive sex toy experience to everyone visiting their cam site.

PleasureText's wireless adult toys, (2 toys are included free with your PleasureText cube), are programmed to interact seamlessly with your PleasureText cube.

You're already offering toy shows to increase your webcam income, right? With PleasureText, you earn extra money simply by using these sex toys, while giving your cam fans the ability to control your toys.

Find out more!

From inception PleasureText was designed
and built to address these needs:

  • Create new revenue streams for providers of live video, text and phone services
  • Offer a new, interactive connection for live video and phone sex fans
  • Allow all types of webcam and phone sex show providers to acquire new fans interested in innovation
  • To be affordable and simple to integrate for individual models and cam companies

PleasureText is different than any other user controlled toy system available. Click to see the difference!

Own a web cam studio with multiple cammers working for you? Please see the page, PleasureText for Studios