Welcome To The PleasureText Cube Affiliate Program!

Start earning money for every PleasureText Cube sale you send our way!

Simply create an affiliate account and start placing your link coded banners into your website.

Then sit back and watch your account balance grow as your visitors become our customers.

The PleasureText Affiliate program is free to join and it is easy to sign-up to start promoting PleasureText on your own websites.

The great part, is that PleasureText's Affiliate revenue-share program is unique from other sex toy affiliate sales programs. Instead of just earning a percentage of a single sale, as a PleasureText Affiliate, you will earn 5% rev-share of each consumer use of the PleasureText Cube Toys purchased through your affiliate ID!

When a PleasureText Cube is used by cam models, each toy is controlled by that model's cam fans using credits purchased from PleasureText. As our affiliate, you will be paid 5% rev-share of every credit fans use on a cam model's PleasureText Cube.

How Does It Work?

When you join the PleasureText affiliate program, you will be supplied with banners that you place within your site.

When a user clicks on one of your PleasureText banners, they will be brought to our website to purchase their PleasureText Cube.

Once the customer that came through your affiliate link makes their purchase, that activity will be tracked by our affiliate software.

You will earn a 5% affiliate rev-share commission on each credit that is used on every PleasureText Cube purchased through your affiliate link account.

How is the Affiliate Rev-Share Determined?

PleasureText pays all our Affiliates 5% rev-share commission on credits spent on every PleasureText Cube that is sold through your affiliate ID.

5% Affiliate commissions are based on the amount of money each PleasureText Cube generates through cam models' toy shows, after PleasureText pays credit purchase processing fees and EX VAT (UK taxes) are deducted from the credit purchases. Additionally, PayPal may charge you fees for payments made by PleasureText to your PayPal account--these fees are not the responsibility of PleasureText or parent company, Mobileyes Software, Ltd.

PleasureText Affiliate FAQ

I have a specific question regarding my affiliate account. Who should I contact?
Please Contact PleasureText Affiliate Support for a prompt reply concerning your question.

Is there a limit to how much money I can make?
NO! As a PleasureText Affiliate, you will continue to make money no matter how many units are sold through your affiliate account, and for as long as the units purchased through your account ID are in use. We reward our affiliates with long-term earnings, with no limit on how much any individual affiliate can make.

Can I use one account on all my websites?
You can use your PleasureText account on as many different sites as you like.

How will I receive my Affiliate Payments?
PleasureText Affiliate payments are distributed through PayPal. Payments are deposited into an Affiliate's PayPal account within 30 days after PleasureText sends our Affiliates their account statement. You must provide PleasureText with an active PayPal account email address with your Affiliate sign-up to receive Affiliate payments.

How do I check my stats?
PleasureText sends out a monthly Affiliate Account invoice, which shows you the exact amount of unit purchases linked to your affiliate ID and the number of minute credits that have been purchased and used on your affiliate coded PleasureText Cubes.

I have not received a payment even though my invoice states I earned a commission, what should I do?
First, please check that your PayPal account information on file with PleasureText is accurate. If your PayPal account is active and in good standing, then please contact PleasureText Affiliate Support. To help us get your payment to you faster, please include your full name as well as your account number and we will get back with you as quickly as possible.

I've sent lots of hits, why doesn't my account invoice show any money due to me?
PleasureText is a sale percentile based program, so you won't see any earnings until you've achieved a PleasureText Cube sale and that Cube is generating user credit purchases and usage.

I am a cam model, does the 5% affiliates make from my Cube lower the amount I make?
With PleasureText, the amount an Affiliate makes is not deducted from the model's 40% rev-share on PleasureText credits your fans use. The Affiliate commission is deducted from PleasureText's net profit percentage, after processing fees and EX VAT are deducted.

Can I SPAM or Use Email Marketing for my PleasureText Affiliate Link?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! We do not allow email links/SPAMMING or any other such practices that could reflect negatively on our program. Failure to comply with this request will result in the immediate cancellation of the account from which the hits were sent and also may result in the forfeiture of any funds owed to that account.

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