PleasureText Billing

PleasureText provides a complete solution for all live sex show providers, whether it is an individual model or part of a larger cam studio or TV channel. PleasureText handles all billing for functions of the PleasureText product.

This allows fans worldwide to purchase PleasureText Credits via credit card or SMS billing and for you to receive your revenue share payments directly through your PleasureText Account. You do not have to sign up for a payment processing account to start making money from the PleasureText Cube.

All PleasureText Billing and Rev-Share Payments are handled by Epoch, giving both fans purchasing PleasureText Credits and businesses using the PleasureText Account complete confidence in all payments being secure and accurate.

PleasureText's Billing system also supports Premium SMS payments exclusively for studios/houses that choose to offer either video or phone sex shows. Premium SMS payment is offered for fourteen countries.

Countries supported for Premium SMS:
UK, Norway, Switzerland, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, Estonia, Spain.
How Do PleasureText Credits Work?

Credit Card Payments are processed directly through the PleasureText Cube widget or link interface, allowing your fans to purchase control time credits in advance. Fans can use PleasureText Credits purchased as they wish, over any period of time.

Each fan who purchases PleasureText Credits is provided with a login and password system, allowing PleasureText to monitor Credits already purchased and used, and to allow fans to purchase more PleasureText Credits to interact with your PleasureText toys.

Fans purchase PleasureText Credits to allow them to control your PleasureText toys in time periods of -- 450 seconds, 900 seconds, 2250 seconds or 6750 seconds.

When fans are signed in to their PleasureText Credits account, they can use their purchased time Credits to interact with the PleasureText Toys you are using during your show. They can control your toy's speed, intensity and other toy settings for the length of time they choose.

All of your fan's toy commands entered into PleasureText will be displayed on the PleasureText Cube screen, allowing models to read out the information on fan's setting choices in real time. This allows models to give fans a truly interactive experience.

Of course, all purchases and PleasureText Credit time use is also logged by PleasureText. The usage is tracked through the fan's PleasureText Account, so your PleasureText member account will show you the money you've made everytime a fan uses their PleasureText Credits to control your PleasureText Toys!

For information on rev-share pay out schedules and other PleasureText Cube billing information, please see the PleasureText FAQ

PleasureText Credits allow fans to purchase toy control time blocks of:
7.5 minutes, 15 minutes, 37.5 minutes and 1 hour and 52 minutes.