PleasureText fits easily into any live adult show business model. We hope the answers below cover any questions you may have but should you require further information please feel free to contact us.
How does PleasureText work?

Performers and studios both receive a PleasureText Cube which controls our exclusive, wireless toys. The PleasureText Cube receives instructions to control toys from viewers through the PleasureText web based widget placed on your site or a direct link that you can include in other hone and video portal sites.

What do I get?

PleasureText will supply you with everything to make this system work, so you can start earning extra income immediately. Your start-up package includes the PleasureText Cube, and your choice of 2 PleasureText wireless toys. PleasureText also provides you with your own, dedicated plug-and-play webcam site widget, that not only controls the toys but also provides credit card payment processing for PleasureText credits.  

Can I use my own credit card billing?

Unfortunately this is not possible. PleasureText is programmed to work only with our exclusive credit card billing widget or the direct link.

Can I use SMS Mobile payment with my PleasureText Cube?

Due to laws concerning the language that must be included with SMS payment options, only cam studios with a designated website, or phone sex providers with the appropriate network infrastructure can use SMS Mobile codes for payment with PleasureText.

I have SMS set up for my studio, can I use my own codes?

Unfortunately this is not possible. PleasureText is programmed to work only with our exclusive SMS short codes and keywords.

What percentage of revenue share will I receive?

Our revenue share model is unbeatable for both individual performers using PleasureText and for cam studios that add PleasureText to their video web or TV feeds.

Individual cam and texting models can make up to 40% in rev-share, using PleasureText.

Cam houses/studios and live video streaming service providers can earn up to 60% in rev-share payouts.

How often do you pay out for rev-share accounts?

Credit Card Payments can be as frequently as fortnightly (every 14 days), while SMS payment time schedules depend upon country being billed, this is typically between 45 - 90 days EOM.

What Countries are covered for PleasureText SMS billing?

14 countries allow adult content and service billing via SMS, however the country list changes from time to time. Right now, the countries are the UK, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, Estonia, Spain.

How many PleasureText toys are included in each PleasureText Cube Pack?

The PleasureText Cube comes with two wireless toys, you can choose the Cube package with the 2 toys you prefer. Additional toys can be purchased from PleasureText. If you want to add toys that are different than the two you originally chose, you may have to purchase a seperate PleasureText Cube linked to their technical coding for them to work correctly.

How many toys can a PleasureText Cube control?

The PleasureText Cube is programmed to control infinite numbers of toys, as long as those toys are provided as a PleasureText Cube set.

Can my PleasureText Cube control toys from another PleasureText toy package?

No, however if you feel that your business will benefit from focusing on another audience (for example moving from straight to gay) please return your PleasureText Cube and we will dispatch you a different Cube package.

How much does pleasuretext cost?

PleasureText charges a setup fee for cam houses and studios, as well as phone sex businesses with multiple phone lines and performers. This set up fee is fully refundable upon achieving an agreed level of PleasureText credit sales through your company's account. PleasureText also charges a very small monthly fee which covers maintenance and upgrades of the PleasureText Cube and processing software.

Do you sell to individual performers?

If you are an individual performer who has your own webcam site or phone sex service you can purchase PleasureText directly. Please Contact PleasureText or email [email protected] for PleasureText Cube pricing and other information.

Is there a discount available if I want more than one PleasureText Cube?

Studios purchasing more than 5 units receive a discount on the setup charges, however the monthly membership costs are on a per PleasureText Cube basis.

Do you sell to cam fans?

No, PleasureText is strictly a Business to Business proposition. We only sell PleasureText Cubes to individual cam models, cam houses and live web and TV video sex show studio providers.

Who owns PleasureText?

PleasureText is fully owned and run by Mobileyes Software Ltd a company based in the United Kingdom.

What are your end user pricing models?

Please contact us to receive the end user pricing structure for SMS and Credit Card Payments, if you'd like further information.

I am worried my data will be shared with others?

Our contracts are very strict as are the laws of our country. We will never share any of your personal data with other parties.

PleasureText is a revolutionary product aimed at increasing revenue
for adult webcam and interactive TV companies.