Why is PleasureText Different?

Often we have heard ‘it’s been done before’ or ‘this is nothing new’.
We would like to dispel the myth!

A unique business proposal....

While it is true there are internet controlled vibrators on the market, they do not allow the live show operators to increase their income directly through the use of those toys! Existing wireless sex toy products are consumer driven. You make no extra money from offering fans the use of these types of toys, but with PleasureText you can monitize the toys you choose to use in your live shows.

The table below shows the key differences between PleasureText and what is currently available in internet controlled sex toys.

We hope this outlines the benefits PleasureText offers for your business over similar products, however if you are still not convinced please contact PleasureText for more information -- we'd love to speak with you!

  Similar products PleasureText
Control multiple toys? No Yes
Requires app download and setup for controller Yes No
Provides revenue for performers and companies? No Yes
Address Multiple Target Markets? No Yes
Requires performers to give some form of personal details (phone number, app username, etc.) to end clients Yes No
Easy to implement into your business? No Yes