How Does PleasureText Work?

Live video show providers can set up a PleasureText revenue share system directly on their existing cam or TV site.

PleasureText is a plug and play "Cube" power box which controls a variety of exclusive PleasureText wireless adult toys.

Once you plug in the power cord of your PleasureText Cube, the Cube sets itself up to the PleasureText revenue share network.

Anyone that comes into your site or channel, sees a message that they can buy credits to control the PleasureText sex toys that you will be using in your webcam toy show.

Your viewing fans purchase credits to control the PleasureText wireless toys and you get paid a percentage of the money your fans spend for PleasureText credits.

Once your fan sees their PleasureText control screen is operating on their computer or mobile device, they can start sending your wireless toy commands, you will also see the commands on your PleasureText Cube.

All exclusive PleasureText toys are wireless. This ensures performers have the greatest freedom of movement, so the toy's technical functions never interfer with your performance or fan's experience.
Do you prefer to offer phone sex only?

PleasureText has you covered! You can offer your phone sex regulars the same interactive experience available for webcams.

If you run a phone sex company, offering multiple lines with multiple "customer service" representatives, you have the option of using SMS Mobile codes for payment. Please see the Studios page for more information.

See the PleasureText Cube in Action