PleasureText in Action

How does PleasureText fit into your live sex show business?
Here are a few examples of how PleasureText can be used to get more fans to pay for your live sex shows.
There are demos for the web widget use and the SMS use. Remember, the only limit to PleasureText is your imagination!
*Please note: these examples were filmed using our prototype technology. The final, finished product that you will receive is shown on PleasureText Cube Packs.

Web Widget API
SMS Premium Codes
Web Cam Demo
Choose a PleasureText Cube Pack

Fans are encouraged not only to control performers’ toys but to also send messages to models. The messages will appear on the PleasureText Cube Screen.

Each PleasureText Cube Pack comes with two toys programmed to work with your PleasureText Cube. This allows models to offer fans more interactivity in cam and phone toy shows. You can order additional toys of the same type that came with your PleasureText Cube Pack, allowing you to offer fans group shows!

The PleasureText Cube displays different colours depending upon the intensity setting of the toy(s). Both the model and fans can see when a toy is changing control speed or intensity.

The PleasureText Cube can store over 500 fan commands. Each fan's choice of speed or intensity is displayed to the model and the viewers via the PleasureText Cube, this allows performers to focus on your show, while the PleasureText Cube seamlessly manages fan's toy control.

No technical experience or knowledge is required to set up the PleasureText Cube and start making money with your live toy shows. We provide everything to make the PleasureText Cube work with plug-and-play simplicity.

Your PleasureText Cube Pack comes with Premium SMS short codes for fourteen countries, the PleasureText Cube web widget comes with world wide credit card billing already in place, to allow your fans to purchase PleasureText Credits and play with you.

PleasureText provides a complete solution for all live adult sex show providers. Billing and revenue share payments are handled for you by PleasureText. So even if you don't have your own payment processing, you can start earning money with PleasureText!